Working Time Driver Scan 5 for Windows 10


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Working time for drivers Scan is a program used to record drivers' hours. The software is based on the Act on working time of drivers and Regulation 3820, 3821/85 replacing the functionality of the program agreement. The program allows you to record work time and generate statements in accordance with the law in the context of daily, weekly and period. It also allows commenting on each day or week in the case of non-compliance or requiring increased attention. Other features include: - Data collected automatically from the scanned sheets tacho or manually. allows it to capture a full time driver - including sickness, holidays, work outside the vehicle, the return on overtime, etc.). - Information on the activities included in his hours of work is fully verifiable by the employer. - Specification of the time at night, on Sundays and public holidays and other periods such as holidays and sickness - Analysis of two weeks - Archiving scanned sheets - Interactive work with scanned the sheets allows for full manual adjustment of the reading. - Statement indicating the continuity of vehicle mileage (important to be sure to have a set of sheets) - On the full information about the activities (start time, duration) - Any number of vehicles - can be semi-automatic filling of data from damaged or illegible sheets - Additional, independent module diagnosis Running on the sheet Specifications: - Advanced image analysis methods allow for low scan parameters (200 dpi, black and white), which reduces the cost of hardware and system resources occupancy. You can also scan with a resolution of 300 DPI. - Skin Scanner allows you to use any distribution of work (scanning and analysis) over time and divide operations on different computer workstations in the network. - Scan up to 6 sheets at the same time on the scanner A4 - Work in MS Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP, with the ability to współwykorzystania database on a computer network